a tard (leftover_pizza) wrote in vaginapagina,
a tard

Quesion about starting new birth control...

I just started taking Mono-Nessa for birth control. It comes in a circle pack and has 7 "off" pills. My friend, who's taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen's pack is very similar, but on hers, each pill has a label of the amount of hormone in it, and each week's amount is different. My pack has no such labels, just a MON / TUE/ WED label above each pill, and a black triangle atop the first SUN pill for Sunday-Start.

I started on the Mono Nessa within the first 24 hours of my period, like the pack said. However, since this was on Wednesday, I took the first Wednesday pill (possibly incorrectly). The pack says to "take the first blue active pill of the first pack", which I think means the first Sunday pill? This would make sense if each week of pills had a different level of hormone in them, but would also defeat the purpose of the SUN / MON/ TUE labels.

For anyone who's used this type of birth control before, which pill should I have taken? Do birth control pills always have a different amount of hormone in them for different weeks, even if not labelled?
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