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Shortening Period on Triphasic BC

Hello hello,

So heres the deal, I am on Ortho Lo. I would like to shorten my period because I am going away with my bf this weekend and my "special visitor" will be coming with us. I'd prefer not to take her along...However, I didn't know about said weekend until recently.

Heres my game plan, I skipped the last active pill and stopped taking the actives on Sunday. I just started my withdrawal bleeding today (Wed.). If I start taking the actives tomorrow, will that shorten my withdrawal bleed?  or will the bleeding continue along with some extra cramping?

I am normally supposed to start taking the actives again next Tuesday.  I've tried skipping my placebos in the past and learned the hard way that you can't do that with a triphasic.  All I got was the withdrawal bleeding with some extra cramping.  I don't want a repeat of last time.  My thinking is that I let my hormones drop for a few days and by starting a new pack will signal my body to stop my withdrawal bleed.  Does that make sense to anyone else?  I don't want to waste my pills if I'm gonna keep bleeding anyway nor do I wanna unnecessarily f-k up my body.

**I realize I could have taken the last week of pills on a new pack to put off my period but unfortunately my insurance won't give me a new pack until a certain day, which in this case was after my last active pill.

Thanks for your responses!
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