diet_bitch (diet_bitch) wrote in vaginapagina,

TMI vagina sweat?

  I'm terribly embarrassed about this, but I figure woman to woman... 

<lj-cut text="Haha groce?">

Idk if its the cotton panties and the mix of me having pubic hair (trimmed), but sometimes after sitting for long periods or just being in hot confined spaces, sometimes I get sweaty down there? In my mind I want to believe this is normal, but is it? I don't really go around asking my gfs if their vagina sweats lol. And sometimes there is an odor and that really embarrasses me. Again this is ONLY when I've been sitting for a long period of time, working out, and wearing cotton panties. It's usually when too hairy (not bushy, just rather untrimmed) down there. I'm an advocate for women keeping their pubes how THEY want them and I've had my lovely minge groomed in every way possible and just prefer the trimmed look..but I really don't want odors to catch in the hairs right? This conversation was sparked by my bf fingering me and him smelling what he thought was a "sweaty" odor that wouldn't go away. It was awful, this has never happened before! I know sometimes those odors could be a sign of bad things health-wise, but Idk. I'm pretty hygienic, but I should mention that I do overheat a lot. Hmm....thoughts? =(  Should I just completely shave/wax it away?</lj-cut>

oh hell. i don't know how to do this
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