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Vaginismus? Maybe?

So over the weekend my boyfriend came up to see me and we had both knew ahead of time that we wanted to have sex.  I was a virgin before this weekend (I've never had any problems with masturbation before or even using tampon) but when we first tried piv he could only get half in before it started hurting.  I figured it was normal because I was a virgin (plus he was a lot bigger and wider then anything I've ever experienced before) and so he tried to take it slow.  After a while he tried to pick up the pace but then it started hurting even worse to the point where I unconsciously pushed him out.  Then he tried to use his fingers to widen me out while I tried to relax but that didn't work and I could barely take in his fingers.

We took a little break and maybe 5-10 minutes later we tried again and it went from me only getting half of him in to me getting all of him in.  We probably had piv sex for 30-60 minutes but then all of the sudden the pain came back and we had to stop.  We were both very frustrated but he's been very supportive and wants to work through it with me.  So I tried looking up ways to relax while having sex and heard about vaginismus.  While reading about it it sounded like I had it but at the same time I didn't because I've never had trouble with tampons, I've been able to get two fingers in easily but when it comes to the real thing it won't work or it will work sometimes but not others.

So I was wondering what I should do or what anyone else thinks... yeah... ; 3;

Advice please? :D
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