Beth (kissxbangxbangx) wrote in vaginapagina,

Period pains after coming off birth control/post-menopause?

Hi everyone!

I'm actually asking this on behalf of my mother. She's 51 years old and has recently stopped taking her birth control. I think she was on Femulen, which is apparently the mini-pill/POP (I have never been on birth control and know very little about it!). She's been on birth control for a long time - I'd say at least 10 years, if not a lot longer. She says she hasn't had a period in years either.

She's now experiencing a pain that started as a burning pain in her lower back and has moved down so it's now in her pelvic region. It's now more of an ache than a burning pain. It's not incredibly severe, but it is annoying. It hurts when she coughs and sneezes, and it hurts when she poos and pees, but she says that isn't a burning pain either, more of an ache like you get when you're constipated. She's also experiencing a shooting pain when she sits down. She says it feels like trapped gas and what she's describing sounds like the cramps I get when I'm on my period. She started experiencing it on Friday night, and she stopped taking her birth control pill about two weeks ago.

Is it possible that she's about to start a period, or having ovulation cramps or something? She was under the impression that she was going, or had gone through, the menopause, but her first thought was that this was a period pain.

She's refusing to call NHS Direct or make an appointment with the doctor - she just keeps telling me to google things, so I thought I'd go one better and ask here!
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