estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

Do I have PCOS or not?

I hope you knowledgeable folks might be able to help me. I had an ultrasound scan a few months ago, as I had suspected PID. At the time I was beyond stressed out, as I had no STI's and hadn't had sex in quite a few months(boyfriend was working overseas) so being told I might have PID came as a huge shock. Well, the ultrasound showed no evidence of PID, but I did have polycystic ovaries. Now, from what I understand, you can have this without having polycystic ovary SYNDROME. I went to my GP and asked for hormone tests, and was told no, they don't do them. I asked why not and she basically said there's no need, because PCOS is so common. Well, from what I'd read, PCOS is associated with lots of risks like diabetes and infertility, and I wanted to know if I had it or not. I was basically told I probably had it.

SO.....I insisted on the tests. I had my fasting insulin checked. It was fine. My testosterone. Fine. My luteal thingamajiggy (I'm sure someone else will know what I mean by this). Fine. Everything fine. My weight is average, I'm not overly hairy (quite hairy but I'm half Italian) and my periods are as regular as clockwork. So......I don't have PCOS? Or do the cysts on my ovaries mean that I do? My doctors are so unclear and all contradict each other. I read that 25% of women have polycystic ovaries on ultrasound, so.....aren't I NORMAL? Have I been stressed and worried about nothing for the last 4 months?
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