nicu (pour_vrai) wrote in vaginapagina,

random hormone weirdness & crying?

So I feel really silly about this but I have to ask. I usually pride myself on being fairly strong emotionally, not crying at sad movies, not having mood swings, etc, but over the past several months maybe, I've noticed that things that didn't bother me before make me feel very much like crying - but without actually being upset.

Like right now I'm watching The Sixth Sense and yeah, a lot of scenes are sad, but I've seen it several times without wanting to cry at those scenes like this time. Right now, as is typical lately, I don't really feel sad, but I'm fighting back tears. What the hell, man?

I'm asking here because I wanna know if it could be hormones. There was no significant change that I know of when this nonsense started; I'd been on the same bc (ring) for ages, no other change in meds, I'm definitely not pregnant and never have been, and I'm only 24. Can bc start affecting you differently, out of nowhere?

I just switched to the Mirena this week so maybe if the ring was spontaneously causing such changes, this it'll work itself outta my system eventually. I did notice also that a few extra stubborn lbs of water weight have mysteriously been hanging around for most of a year, so maybe that's another clue?

Any ideas?
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