Elizabeth McCoy (archangelbeth) wrote in vaginapagina,
Elizabeth McCoy

My first UTI!

So, today around 3, I was running to the bathroom -- understandably, since I'd had a fair amount of water earlier -- and towards the end of the stream there was this sharp pain, rather like a cat scratch! It lasted slightly after I finished wiping, and then I realized, "Wait! Isn't that one of the textbook symptoms for a UTI?"

I assessed my other symptoms. Feeling like I had to go to the bathroom a lot? Not sure. Thinking about needing to go to the bathroom tends to make my bladder go, "Pee? Pee? Try to pee now?" anyway. Hooray for psychosomatic stuff. O:p Still, it was nothing I couldn't handle. (I treat my bladder the way the orphanage treated Oliver Twist. Just ask it.)

Back aching? Yeah, but I've been hunched over in bad posture for a chunk of the day anyway, and when I shifted to different positions, it didn't ache so much.

Still, I called the doctor. It was late enough that when the nurse got back to me, they suggested the urgent walk-in clinic some 20-30 minutes away, because all the doctors had left. This left me with the choice: go after the kid's music lesson, or go tomorrow? I decided to get it over with because...

Well, it's the whole risk/benefit calculation. Go, get tested, have insurance billed (and pay some ourselves, no doubt), and if there's nothing, then there's some time and cash lost. Or wait, and risk that it's a UTI and that my body wouldn't clear the infection itself and that it might take the party to my kidneys.

What would I advise anyone on VP?

Yeah. I went to the health clinic after the kid's music lesson, peed in a cup, complained that my period was AWOL but figured it was either stress + dinking around with my thyroid med dosage because teleporting sperm was unlikely (they tested for pregnancy anyway, since they had the pee available), and whaddya know. Not pregnant. Do have a UTI. My very first! Woo!

(Also, they had the coolest exam chair -- it could lean back, it could sit up, it was all electronic! It probably would've been able to give backrubs if they'd bought a few extra options.)

The doctor recommended culturing the bacteria, in case the 3-day dose of antibiotics doesn't handle it -- it'd give them the ability to instantly say, "Oh, you have that strain of bacteria. Take this antibiotic instead" rather than "come back and pee in a cup again so we can culture stuff and give you more antibiotics that we kinda hope will work."

I think I amused the final lady, who gave me the "here's what your prescribed meds are, and how to take them" spiel, since I knew all the "take all the antibiotics, lest one surviving bacteria be the Chuck Norris of bacteria and spread to take over the world, one bladder at a time" stuff. O:>

Anyway, thank you, VP! Having only the one "ow!" moment without knowing that was a symptom... would've probably had me going, "Huh. Maybe I scratched myself somehow!" and ignoring it.
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