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Hi everyone!

Here's the sitch.

-I had sex on the weekend, several times, with no incident. However within about 8 hours of the last sex act (so this is sunday night), I started to itch. Like mad. Like to the point that scratching was turning me on and orgasm.

So my first thought was yeast infection. Same initial symptoms as i had last time i had one. last time i had one, my doc gave me a prescription cream which is pretty similar to the over the counter monistat stuff. I had some left over so i slathered some on.

The symptoms haven't gone away. Now it's at the point where my inner labia, and kinda my outer labia (at the point where they join into the perineum) are pretty swollen to the touch. The cream is soothing, but doesn't seem to be doing anything else.

I have no different odour, and my discharge is pretty much the same as it always is.

I guess i'm asking if i should progress to the yoghurt-up-the-cooch idea yet? or should I hold off just in case it is BV?
Does BV ever present as JUST itching? or is there usually discharge and smell associate with it? I know that i've gotten yeasties before that are only itching... but the cream is doing nothing for me!
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