violet1995 (violet1995) wrote in vaginapagina,

I'm in LOVE

I just found this community, was sort of looking where I can talk about this.
I'm 15 and i had a crush on my friend, she's also a girl (she's 17) for like  a year, and last week we were sort of hanging out in my room and she just kissed me on the mouth:) and we started making out and stuff.... it felt amazing.  I really feel so connected to her, and I really want to be intimate with her.  Thing is I'm a virgin and I KNOW I want her to be my first....I'm just not sure what to do.... like does she do it with her fingers? how much will it hurt? Also I'm would be grateful for some tips as to things I can do to her, to please her.  This is all so new to me, and the feelings are so strong.... Thank YOU so much:)
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