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VP Team Bios- Intern thisandthat

Dearest Vulva-Loving Superstars,

As several of you have requested, your friendly neighborhood VP Team members are taking this opportunity to let you get to know us a little better. We will take turns posting our bios for your reading pleasure. :) Check out the tag for this entry to view them all.

Of course, we want to get to know you, too, so if you haven't already and you'd like to, feel free to introduce yourself here, as indicated on the profile page. (Note that you can also now add yourself to the VP Frappr map from the intro page.) If you made your introduction a while ago and your life has changed dramatically since then, reply to your old comment and update us!

Hi VP!

I am your new vulva-loving intern and occasional superstar.

My name is BreAnna. I am a senior in college and am completing a BS in Women's Studies, focusing my studies on women, culture, and health (physical/mental/spiritual/emotional). Part of my degree requirement is completing a practicum experience with a group working with women, women's health or other social justice issues. I couldn't imagine a better place to complete this portion of my degree than here as an intern for VaginaPagina. As an intern I will primarily be doing behind-the-scenes work on the Vulvapedia and other such projects. I will be an active member of the VP community and on occasion will leave "descriptive subject line requests."

I joined VP at least three years ago, though I would imagine I've been around even longer than that. I became a member because I appreciated the sense of community that VP fosters as well as the maintenance of safe space for all members. While I grew up with a mother who is a nurse, my knowledge of my body and the way in which it works so wonderfully (and confusingly at times!) was limited to menstruation and how babies are made. I find myself learning more and gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of bodies from VP all the time!

I am 22 and live in Portland, OR with my manfriend and a very silly cat.

This what my partner comes home to, Walter and BreAnna taking up the entire bed. I appear to have a cookbook in bed with us as well, which is really uncharacteristic as I cannot cook to save my life.

In addition to schooling I work as a nanny and am a big sister! My kid sister is no longer a kid at 16 and is actually no longer smaller than me (I am the shortest in my family at 5'7"!). After I graduate in June I plan on completing a Master's in Social Work and working as a social worker in a community organization. I am also looking forward to starting a family after I complete my degrees, my partner and I both come from larger families (me 6 kids, him 5) and would like a couple biological children and plan on adopting and/or fostering children as well.

In my free time I enjoy:
-Adventuring around Portland (we have a couple mountains, several rivers, forests, the coast, waterfalls, all within a short distance)
-Trying new foods (my partner is in the world of food professionally so my horizons have broadened)
-Attempting to be crafty, though this typically ends in disaster particularly if yarn is involved and I leave the project within Walter Croncat's reach
-Going to shows (the last show I went to was St. Vincent, I loved it as she is very talented and also my current #1 girl crush)

I'm glad to be part of the team! Feel free to ask questions, share pictures of your cute pets, etc. :)
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