Abbey (place_to_hide) wrote in vaginapagina,

Skipping period on Othro Tri-cyclen Lo


I was trying skip my period this week because I'm attending an author book signing in which I didn't want to make constant runs to the bathroom.  I'll be on my third day of period (If I should actually get it even though I got a new pack and started on the white pills) and I'll bleed heavy on that day. So my co-worker suggested to just skip the Green pills and move on to the new pack. Which I did but today it felt like my body is still kind of going through with warning me that I'll be getting my period soon. So I don't think I successfully skipped my period for this month.

What happens I do get my period while I'm on the white pills , will it end while I take the second week's pills? Or does this totally throw things off?

While google searching, I found few websites that say it's difficult to skip your period on Othro Tri-cyclen Lo.

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