the mexican iron chef! (earthbend) wrote in vaginapagina,
the mexican iron chef!

Possible Yeast Infection - What Should I Expect?

Hello everyone - this is more of an anxious "what should I expect post" more than anything else. I've been experiencing some itching around the vaginal area, and am going to do a 'walk in' to my university health service center tomorrow morning and ask if I have a yeast infection (my boyfriend thinks he may have passed it on to me), or whatever else might be the problem. The thing is I'm pretty nervous about being so exposed to any of the nurse practitioners or physician's assistants - I've gone previously before for a uti, but that just requires a urine sample and a quick antibiotic prescription. So the question is: What should I expect tomorrow when I go in? What are your experiences with getting checked for a possible YI, and what procedures did your health professional use? Any soothing words of advice to get over this anxiousness? ): Thank you.
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