Heather (lil_tree_frog) wrote in vaginapagina,

IUD removed, now cycle is screwed up!

I have had a copper T IUD for the last 3 years, removed in early February.  I have had two periods, the first was 2 weeks late, and now this one is running a week behind

I have had no complications during the time I had the IUD in (except for really intense bleeding during pregnancy).  My first pap after removal, there were some cervical changes, nothing to be concerned about but they want to repap me in July to make sure everything clears up.

We're talking babies now, and I'd like to get my cycle under control before we start trying (also tracking basal body temps, etc).  I got pregnant on my first try with my first tw pregnancies (the first ending in molar pregnancy) and I was pregnant with my third pregnancy (second child) after missing birth control pill by 3 hours.  I have always been very regular

Has anyone else had similar issues when IUD was removed?

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