Jessika (j_e_s_s_i_k_a) wrote in vaginapagina,

very light period?

I hope someone can help me out or calm me down because I'm really worried about this after Googling "very light periods"...oops :(

I have lots of cysts on my ovaries but have not been diagnosed with PCOS as I do not have any of the other symptoms (acne, weight gain, facial hair, etc). My period "cycle" varies from 6 months apart to 28 days apart. I just finished a period last week but it was very, very light that I could have easily worn a pantyliner and would have only needed to change it once a day, if that. This "bleeding" lasted for 5 days.

Before finding out I had cysts on my ovaries, my periods were always irregular, but would be light for the first day, two heavy days, then two light days. But there was nothing to this period, not even the womb lining chunks that I'd expect to see.

So, googling "very light period" came up with results indicating pregnancy? I am sexually active and not on the pill (use condoms instead) but there haven't been any "accidents"...can anyone offer advice? I don't really know much about PCO as it is, my doctor was quite unhelpful...maybe this is to be expected??
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