lynsey18 (lynsey18) wrote in vaginapagina,

Still growing?!?

I am 19 and in college and amazingly over the course of just a few months my breasts jumped in size from an A cup to a C cup! This was unexpected to say the least because I did not go on the pill and i have not gained any weight. So i guess i am still in puberty, huh? My breasts seemed to stop two years ago. It's funny because i always complained about wanting larger breasts, but now i just miss my A cups! It's been quite the adjustment because i am just not used to them. It's been expensive because i've had to buy new bras twice now. When i was a B cup, i did not imagine i would outgrow them so quickly. That was like a month ago.  Now i am fearing that i am STILL not done and they will get even bigger! When i see my high school friends again, they will probably assume i got  a boob job. LOL Bodies are weird!  Anyways, there is not really a question attached to this. I just wanted to share, i guess.
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