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Pregnancy test says no, when should I start to worry?

Hi everyone! I'm hoping you can give me a little advice. Basically, I'm late (today is day 32 of my cycle) and I want to know when to give up with the pregnancy tests and when to get my butt to the doctor to see if something else is the issue.  

I'm 31 years old and was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic when I was in junior high. My control has been amazing recently and my doctors have been really happy. I got my first period when I was 11 and, except for when I was a teenager, I have never missed a month. My cycles range anywhere from 28 to 31 days. I've never been on birth control (condoms only) and have never had a STD. I've had my fair share of YIs and UTIs and a couple of months ago tested positive for a "mild" (as my doctor put it) case of BV. I took antibiotics for that and haven't had any further issues with it. My last pelvic exam was also a couple of months ago and, except for the BV, everything checked out fine. I had some issues not relating to this about six months ago and had ultrasounds that came up with nothing (they checked my reproductive parts while they were looking at other places) and tons of tests (including thyroid) that came up negative, too. My doctors weren't really worried after all of the tests and, since then, those issues have gone away and I feel fine. 

My boyfriend and I decided we would love to start a family, so we used up the rest of the condoms and I started charting. I was SUPER half-assed about it (I would check my mucous and cervical position, but that's about it) and used it mainly to verify the length of my cycles. We decided to basically say that things will happen whenever they happen, and we've just been having unprotected sex whenever the mood hits. And, to be honest, the mood has hit every day (except one) since the second to last day of my period last month. Oh, we've been together for five years, he also has no STDs and I have no worries when it comes to him.

My mucous and cervical position all pointed to me ovulating around the 2nd of this month. I had cramping about a week and a half before I was due for my period. Then I started getting all of my usual signs that my period was about to show up a few days before I was due. The bloating, cramping, crazy mood-swings and now? Nothing. I know some women don't test positive for pregnancy on an over-the-counter test until way after their doctor has confirmed that they are. I also know that I may not even be pregnant and something else could be going on. 

Right now I'm 4 days late if I had a 28 day cycle and 1 day late if I had a 31 day cycle. Assuming my period won't show, should I go until the end of the week if I'm still getting negative on the over-the-counter test before making an appointment? I have no problems getting myself into the doctor to get checked out, I just don't want to get ahead of myself and pay another medical bill if I should have just been more patient, you know? Thanks!
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