Shary Love (___evagination) wrote in vaginapagina,
Shary Love

Aweful B.O.

Yeah, I'm full o' smelly issues. Psh.

I've noticed that for the past three weeks I have a really staunch smell in my pits. It's similar to when I had garlic up my vag for a yeastie a few months back, except the garlic I could handle and this I hate with a passion. I've also smelled like maple syrup before, but that was actually fun. But this smell... I can't even place it. It just smells strange. And it's STRONG.

So basically, what smells strong like garlic but isn't? Any suggestions on how to solve the mystery of the smelly pits?

1. I started back on anti depressants a month ago - Wellbutrin this time.
2. I don't wear deodorant regularly... only when I'm going out dancing or in cases like these where I will smell awful right out of a shower.
3. My diet is always erratic and I can't tell you what I had yesterday, but nothing is eaten regularly.
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