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sad times with my mirena

they really need to come out with a workable birth control option for guys (besides condoms and vasectomies).

girls + hormonal birth control do not mix well.. our bodies are very sensitive to hormonal changes! i'm very frustrated right now.. got a mirena iud about 4 months ago and have gained 15 pounds from it. my weight's been stable for a few weeks now at least, but i have never weighed so much in my life. all of my "fat clothes" are super tight on me (nothing like it to make you feel like crap :P).

i'm working out and eating better now to try and combat this, but i've read that some women just cannot lose the extra weight they put on from hbc. plus, my body is very stubborn about losing weight just to begin with.

i've been on hbc pills in the past (for 4-5 years) and the nuvaring for 6 months and never had this issue before. also, my diet/level of activity have not changed (until about a month ago, when i tried to improve both :P).

i love the mirena otherwise, but my self confidence is down the toilet right now. after spending $300+ on this thing, i really had hoped for few side effects. if i cannot lose this extra weight or keep gaining more, i think i might have to have it removed. i'm gonna stick to my work out routine for awhile longer, but i keep seeing no results...

sigh... i hate buying bc every month... it gets so expensive :(
as for getting a paraguard, i think that's out of the question for me. i already have long and heavy periods, and i think that would make it unbearable.

for those of you who experienced weight gain with the mirena, did your body shed the extra pounds once the mirena "settled in?" how long did this take, if so?
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