sawyerlove (sawyerlove) wrote in vaginapagina,

Slimy menstrual blood

I guess I'm just wondering if this is normal or if I should be concerned at all. I use a divacup and for the last several cycles (not sure how long really) I've noticed the blood is rather slimy. Just now, my cup got too full and as I took it out a like string of mucus-y blood trailed from the cup back into my vagina. It's almost like snot consistency. In order to separate it, I have to grab hold and tug, just wiping with toilet paper won't get rid of it. Should I mention this to my doctor? There's no chance of me being pregnant (and even if there was the odds of that happening every month and my period coming on time are pretty damn unlikely). Anybody else have mucus-y menstrual blood?

(If this is in the memories at all, I had no clue what to look under to check...)

ETA: Thanks all. I just needed someone else to tell me this wasn't totally weird. My mom hasn't had a normal period in like five years (and no periods at all for three of those) so she wasn't helpful for this one. :)
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