abc_nono (abc_nono) wrote in vaginapagina,

no bleeding on placebo week after plan b?

so i had a mishap earlier this month, took plan b. i believe i've posted and asked other questions related to this, i apologize if i'm repeating myself. i've been on yaz for a month. i haven't bled at all on my placebo week this week. i took two pregnancy tests (first response), one three days before my expected period and one a day after my missed period. both were negative. i have phantom menstrual symptoms (pressure/pain in my uterine area, bloating, irritability, fatigue) just no bleeding at all. i'm also recovering from three weeks of pretty rough illness (the norovirus and bronchitis) if that could somehow be related to a missed period. my questions are; should i still be worried about pregnancy? i think the fact that i took plan b within 24 hours and i've had two negative tests are pretty good signs that i'm not, but i don't know what's up here. and can plan b alter your cycle severely even if you're on the pill and have a placebo week during which you're supposed to bleed?
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