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Spotting for the first time on both sides of my period.

My body (and cycle) have just been 'off' the past two months. I posted here two weeks ago.

My last period started on the 29th day of my cycle (I general expect my period to start between days 29-34 - it varies within that window). My period started Friday the 9th of April. It was intense (as usual for me) with heavy cramping, normal levels of bleeding, normal duration (Friday morning - Wednesday morning of the following week). I didn't notice any bleeding Thursday or Friday, but today found fresh red blood on the toilet paper.

I ovulated right on schedule my last cycle. I had spotting (found blood on toilet paper once) two days before my period. I had never experienced spotting before this. My period was on time and normal. Everything finally seemed normal until today's spotting (again, just a single wipe with toilet paper).

I'm most anxious to rule out pregnancy entirely (it seems unlikely, since there were no problems with condoms and I've had a normal period since the last time I had sex). Any ideas what's up? :-(


Does a 29-34 day cycle count as irregular?

If it matters, I'm 22 years old with a slim build (5'6" and 105 pounds, but I have a healthy appetite, so my skinniness isn't unnatural for me by any means).
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