natalieasaurus (natalieasaurus) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bleeding before period

so, I am on the ortho evra patch. I have been for a year now. (I've been off and on since I was 15) but I've been on it consistently since last April or so.

My problem is that I had a bit of blood in my discharge on Monday morning and shrugged it off as maybe the sex I had had the previous night, was too rough. Now I feel like I have a light period, it hasn't eased up. Yesterday I bled a fair bit and today I have bled quite a bit for just 'spotting'.

I'm freaking out because I go to the doctor today and they are like well let's check if you are pregnant.. and I was like WHAT? and couldn't pee since I got so anxious because it hadn't even really occurred to me because since my boyfriend and I use condoms as well.

but, to add to it I had a really bad cold during Easter and took cough syrup and migraine medication (that I never have before) and coming home (Boyfriend and I are in LDR) always SUCKS so I've been very stressed out with life stuff too along with heartache. So stress + a bad chest cold could.. make my period early right? or spotting? or whatever this is. My period is supposed to be THIS coming week, like I take my patch off tomorrow.

I'm freaking out now, (which isn't good I know) but I'm dropping off my urine tomorrow at the doctors since I said I would. But does anyone have any insight? should I be worried?
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