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Emergency Contraception necessary?

I just started the pill (Lutera) on Saturday April 3rd and I've been taking it at 6:30pm everyday (give or take 30 minutes), which I started taking it on day 1 of my period. Well the first day I took it I had loose stools 3 hours after taking the pill and again the following Saturday and Sunday April 10th and 11th, which I would say these loose stools would count as "diarrhea". Anyway, today my boyfriend and I had sex and he came inside me. Also, yesterday, after having a cup of coffee it kind of gave me loose stools, not diarrhea just very loose stools. I understand that diarrhea counts if one gets 3 or more liquid bowel movements a day, which did happen Saturday/Sunday.

Although I have taken my pill everyday I am worried I may not be protected because of the mild diarrhea I had earlier this week. I am still waiting to take the pill for today in a couple hours at my usual time of 6:30pm but should I also take Emergency Contraception just in case? I do not want to get pregnant, and if I do take EC should I still take my pill as usual, or would that be too much?
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