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Sad because I've been in pain for over a year now :(

Hi, I'm not really sure what I'm looking for, but I'm very depressed about this problem and it seems like it will never end and I appreciate any advice or support..
A little over a year ago I got my first yeast infection. I went to the doctor and they confirmed it and told me to try the over the counter stuff (generic monistat) because I'm on drugs that would interact with the prescription pill treatment.  I used the three day treatment and it didn't go away, so I used the one day treatment right after that. It seemed to go away, but then I was still in pain. I thought this must be normal and it was healing or something, and I also think the medicine makes my vagina and area around it hurt. But after a couple months it was still hurting when I tried to have sex, although it was fine when I didn't touch it. 
Then it started getting itchy again, although other than the itchiness it really didn't seem like my yeast infection, and it was progressing very slowly. I was on a family vacation at the time, so I had to wait a couple weeks to go to the doctor, but by my return I was quite uncomfortable. Went to the gynecologist and she told me I had a bacterial infection and gave me antibiotics. actually I think it's not really an antibiotic? metrondiazole or something. Took those as I was instructed, and a couple days later I woke up in the middle of the night so horribly itchy I was crying and my boyfriend took me to the clinic. They told me that I didn't have a bacterial infection (at least not anymore, even though I only took three days of meds out of seven) and to stop taking the meds right away.  They prescribed me the pill form (was off the interacting drugs at this point) of yeast infection meds and told me to put the over the counter cream on the outside of my vagina. I did as I was instructed.  Well, a good two or more months goes by and I was still in quite a bit of pain when I touched my vagina or tried to have sex. Sex was miserable, I could kind of ignore the pain during sex but afterwards it would burn so badly it felt like I put some horrible chemical on my vagina and it would last for hours, I only tried having sex twice before I gave up. The only relief was to put ice all over the area around my vagina. So I called my gynecologist and she said I should be better by now and to come in. By the time I went to the appointment I was quite itchy up where my clit is, but not by my vagina really. She told me there was nothing wrong with me, although I could have a little yeast infection on the outside of my vagina and she prescribed me a cream for it. I used that and it relieved the itchiness
But, for the last few months I've still been having problems. The area where my clit is, especially it seems like under the hood, is extremely itchy. I'll put yeast infection medicine on it and it'll relieve it, but a couple weeks later it comes back. This is paired with a feeling of burning in my vagina that seems to alternate in severity.  Right now it's at the point where I don't even need to touch it, it hurts constantly. I also keep getting these spots on my labia that hurt ridiculously, like there should be a sore or a cut there. But when I or my boyfriend examines it, there's nothing there. This also happens around my anus, and the spots will "heal"  and then come back somewhere else. But there's really nothing there. And at the moment there is a very thin red line running between my inner labia and my vagina, almost up to my clit. It looks like a cut but the skin isn't broken, and it hurts a lot to touch.  Oh and sometimes it hurts when I pee, but usually it doesn't.  And sometimes my anus really hurts when I go to the bathroom, but usually it doesn't. None of this has ever happened to me before.
I seriously don't understand what's wrong with me... or more I don't understand how there can be nothing wrong with me, when I'm constantly itchy, uncomfortable, in pain, and haven't been able to have sex in months.  It hurts to get my vagina at all wet in the shower, and I'm certainly not using any soaps, the thought of that hurts. Is there anything that I can do to feel better? What about boric acid, is that an option even though there's supposedly nothing wrong with me? I kind of think there's some kind of infection under my clit hood that when they tested my vagina they didn't pick up on. I don't really think it's an STD because they keep telling me I don't have one, plus I've been in a monogamous relationship for two years with a guy who has only ever had sex with me. I think the yeast infection meds are part of the problem, I feel like it hurts more after I use them. Has anyone had a bad reaction to them? I tried garlic and that didn't help, probably because the problem is on the outside. Could I try to get yogurt under my clit hood or would that be stupid? Are my doctors stupid to think there's nothing wrong with me? Is this all in my head? I had a great sexual relationship with my boyfriend before this happened so I don't see what could cause me to create this psychologically. I've done internet research and I can't find any problem that this might be, are there any rare problems that my doctors might not be catching?
I'm just so effing miserable. I want to masturbate and have sex and stop waking up in the night all itchy and stop being in pain. 
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