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I'm bleeding and I don't know what to do! [ragging! when I'm not supposed to be! too heavy!]

oh my god, VP, oh my god.

I know this post will probably sound REALLY SILLY coming from a 25y/o who hit puberty at 9, BUT -- I've not experienced THIS before! So, I turn to you faaaaaabulous people to help me figure out what to do.

a] I've not had a period for almost six months. I had a tubal ligation in October, stopped the pill [Microgestin Fe 1.5/30] mid-November, had a bleed starting November 23rd. That was the last I'd seen of my period until early Tuesday morning [like, 12:30am early]. The appearance of my visitor was compounded by cravings like I have never experienced -- anything chocolate and anything greasy. Particularly greasy. I even wound up making a 1:30am chocolate-and-fast-food run, which, again, never done.

b] My partner and I did have sex the "night before" my period started [that is to say, Monday night]. I'm aware that sex, particularly orgasms, can induce a period. Had that happen before. So, the fact that it started after sex is not the issue.

c] I had a number of ovarian cysts in roughly a four-week timespan, ending on April 3rd when the last one was Not Seen on a CT scan. The largest was the size of a golf ball. Ish. After the first one I went back on the Pill, same one as before. I am currently stacking and halfway through... I think my third pack? Something like that.

d] I have not seen this amount of blood [flow, whatever] in over two years. TWO YEARS. I haven't had to really wear pantiliners or even pads since I started on BC two and change years ago but now... also I've not produced enough blood to ... erm, stain the toilet water in quite some time, either.

e] I am expelling large-ish clots. Not bigger than a golf ball but definitely bigger than, say... the width of three-four quarters by two card decks. Sorry, I'm too worn out to do ~actual~ measurements, and besides I'm always crap at estimating in centimeters.

f] THE PAIN OH GOD THE PAIN. Excruciating, debilitating pain. It's a stabbing, aching, deep deep pain that is, oddly enough, only on the right side of my uterus, and for some reason also involves my right ovary. huh?

I'm concerned about the amount of blood I'm producing, as well as [obviously!] the pain. I can barely make it to the bathroom right now [which is less than fifteen feet], the kitchen is just right out. Hell, I can barely SIT right now. I can't take any NSAIDs because they're Very Concerned(TM) about my GI tract. I'm out of anything stronger than tylenol and I can't drink any alcohol without risking a mad spiral of depressive doom from it messing with my med absorbtion.

I just don't know what to do. I feel like I'm going through puberty... again. And the first time was enough for me, kthx. I don't know any more when it's reasonable to go see a doctor, especially given the whole "lack of ANY period for six months!" thing. My life is being horribly impacted by this, and I shouldn't even be bleeding -- like I said, I'm in the middle of a pill pack! I haven't a clue what to do, how to deal with the pain, why the FUCK I'm cramping like I'm 12 again, etc etc.

Please, VP, you're my only hope! /starwars
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