h2o_plus (h2o_plus) wrote in vaginapagina,

Flea Bites


I have just moved into a house that has fleas. And due to my circumstances I cannot sleep anywhere else and I could not afford to buy a Flea Bomb or anything - the best I could do was tea-tree oil. So for the past three weeks I have been absolutely ravished by fleas everywhere. Absolutely everywhere; obviously the need to post in this awesome-super-duper-nifty-rad community.

Now yesterday I just bought a bomb, I cannot take this anymore; my legs looks like an absolute mess and all around my pubic area are just bites. It is excruciating.

So my question is this. After I bomb my room etc I want to take a bath with a bottle of Detol in it - just to disinfect myself and clean up any broken skin (there really is a lot of broken skin). But I just wanted to check is this okay for my yoni? My mum used to put a bit of Detol in our baths when we were little - and I understand that's fine. But I'm really thinking of just disinfecting my skin and then moisturising like there's no tomorrow.

I know this seems like a basic question, but I really just want to CLEANSE myself but not develop any rashes down in my vaginal area just because of Detol.

ps. If anyone has any alternate flea-cleansing tips or suggestions as to what I should do instead I would be incredibly grateful.

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