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I'm just a girl, guess I'm some kind of freak

endometrial ablation -- consult and methods



Okay, so... I've finally gotten off my bum and called my GYN surgeon to get a consult for an endometrial ablation. The trigger? Ragging after almost six months without a rag, while stacking my pills. Oh and the clots are back, bigger than before! Wheeee...not.

So. I wanted to ask if any of you have ever had this procedure or know someone who has. If yes, which "version" did you have done? How did it go/how did you tolerate it/how badly did it hurt [I know the answer will be, in most cases, "it hurt," but I'd like comparisons -- like, better/worse than an IUD insert, better/worse than menstrual cramps, etc] /how did recovery go/anything else you can think of.

I don't know yet which kinds he does, so obviously it'll be limited that way, but I'd like to go in with as much information as I possibly can. He knows I do my research, and thoroughly too, when I had my tubal consult. So, it will NOT be surprising to him for me to come in with stacks of info and paperwork backing up my decision. That's not the problem. The problem will be convincing a] the hospital that I need it, and b] convincing my INSURANCE that I need it. B] will probably be hardest since I'm on ~medicaid~ [not a basket of fun, that].

Any tips, tricks, or input welcome. Plix and fankoo in advance!
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