wilgefortiis (wilgefortiis) wrote in vaginapagina,

Kickstarting late period

VP, I need your help!

My period is approximately 6 days late (it's generally ~30 days). I've taken three early-result pregnancy tests (three different brands) over the past four days, and each has been negative. I know they're not 100% accurate, and it's (unfortunately) possible that they could be incorrect, since I had sex around when I was ovulating last month. However, I've been having PMS symptoms (anxiety, weird aches, mood swings, and uh, diarrhea) and my cervix feels the way it usually does before I get my period, so I think that, barring pregnancy, for some reason my period is just LATE.

The length of my last two cycles was 36 (ugh) and 27 days, and I'm now on day 37 of this cycle. I've been having PMS for the past week and a half and I feel like I'm going bananas, especially with the constant anxiety and panic attacks. Is there anything I can do to make my period come faster? I've tried parsley tea in the past but I don't know that it really did anything much. This is just unbearable, though.

I'm going to make a Planned Parenthood appointment asap to see if they can figure out why my period is suddenly so irregular. It had been strictly a 28-31 day thing for at least the past three years, and now all of a sudden it's getting way out of sync. What should I do??
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