thinktink16 (thinktink16) wrote in vaginapagina,

sebaceous cyst and urinary smell...?

First thing:
I believe I have a little Sebaceous cyst. From what I've read about them, they're just essentially pimples, right? If you're looking at my vagina like it's a clock, mine is right at 12, directly above my clit. Like where my labia majora come together at the top. I can't see it at all... if I didn't feel for it, I wouldn't know it was there. It's probably a bit smaller than a pea, but hard feeling, just like one of those awful hard under-the-skin pimples on your face. I left it alone for a few days and then checked back and when I squeezed lightly to see how hard it was, it just kinda popped. Just a very tiny bit of pus and clear stuff came out. No gushing or excess liquid. LITERALLY just looked like a popped face pimple. I shave my hair but I believe this is like JUST below hairline. I'm really not too concerned about it at all. Does that sound like a sebaceous cyst to ya'll?

Second thing:
I started noticing my urine having the classic metallic rusty smell that has accompanied all my UTIs. I've been struggling with urinary problems for the past 5 years or so. It basically just burns all the time when I pee. Not like UTI pain, but noticeable every. time. I pee. I had like 6 UTIs in the course of two years but now I've pretty much kept them under control with a prescription of Nitrofur Mac (a one-a-day antibiotic that you take after sex to control bacteria) and I haven't had a full-blown UTI in years. So I went to the health center and got tested for a UTI and it's negative. The initial test showed a little protein and very small trace amounts of blood. But no infection. Again, a problem I'm not too concerned about because of all my other urinary issues.

So I have two problems that don't seem to be causing me much of an issue. HOWEVER, I'm concerned that they might be related and indicative of a larger problem. Do they sound like anything that might be related? Does that bump sound like a sebaceous cyst? Any other reasons my urine might have that smell?

Possibly relevant info: I'm 22, sexually active, regular PAPs, got the HPV vaccine, STD tested this summer including HIV (but I don't remember if herpes was included) and all was negative, no new sexual partners.
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