redonthefly (redonthefly) wrote in vaginapagina,

missing periods on hbc

 Hey VP,

I searched for this in the tags but didn't find anything very definitive -- although I realize that there really isn't a good, definitive answer for this question, sorry -- but is it common to skip a period when on the pill? I have been on Lutera for the last six months, with near perfect use (I've never missed, but been a bit late once or twice) and I usually have a healthy bleed for about four days at the end of each pack. Since I began using the pills, I've always gotten my period Wednesday morning before noon.

Well, it's my period Wednesday, and no bleeding. I know its not a big deal for it to be pushed back a little bit so I'm not really concerned, but I did find it odd.

My partner and I are sexually active, but we always double up the pill with condom use. I highly doubt I'm pregnant (although if I don't bleed by next week I'll take a test for sure) but mostly I just got curious as to if this has happened to other VPers. 

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