creativexangst (creativexangst) wrote in vaginapagina,

Girl On Girl

I need to ask a question thats so stupid, it's going behind a cut.

How, praytell, does a women have sex with another women? Now I realize this is a stupid question, especially for me because I've dated women before-but truthfully, we never went very far, and I've had threesomes, which consisted of the girls making out and the guy pounding me. So how does it work? I've only gone down on a chick once, and it was what gave me the courage to have guys go down on me (OH! This isnt gross at all!!) Anyway, I have a couple that adore me, and I them back, and I'm very interested in both of them, but as she started out as gay before meeting her husband, I dont want to disappoint. Any ideas/tips/tricks would be great. I feel silly that I've made it to my 20's being bi and not really getting it. My biggest problem is that I've never watched hardcore porn before, methinks. Thanks!!
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