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Hi All,

I know this has been asked before, and its not specifically vagina related, but I went looking through the tags and couldnt find it.

I have never had a cold sore and I am (holy CRAP, 31) next week. As far as I know my husband has not either, and I know he has not in the 12+ years I have known him. No one in my family does either.

I have a small red bumb at almost the very corner of my lip. I am 99.9% sure its just a little pimple, but I get really anxious about this stuff. I also work for a place where I work with individual who have difficulty with hygiene and are at high risk for all sorts of diseases and conditions.

I know I can just wait a few days and would know for sure, but can anyone give me some info for now that might help me calm down? I know is a very common condition, but honestly I have enough health stuff going on in my life to have to worry about one more.

Thanks for listening.
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