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What Do Young Men Know About Birth Control?

I hope this is ok - I found an interesting article on RH (Reproductive Health) Reality Check which has a video asking men in the DC area what they know about female birth control. The article seeks to highlight some of the flaws in the reproductive health that is taught (and I wholeheartedly agree). The article is here and the video from the article below.

My fav part: With some sexuality education programs still separating classes by gender, limiting conversations about birth control and contraception (and the difference between the two), and with education focusing just on male condom use among men, are we really surprised that pregnancy prevention efforts are not working as well as they could? I’d be interested in knowing if the men interviewed could discuss how to properly use a male condom, demonstrate how to do that, and/or discuss the difference between the male condom and the female condom and how they are used.

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