Natasha (xcrypticsugarx) wrote in vaginapagina,

A question about Chalymdia

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I'm sorry if this question comes off dumb.

Okay, so here's background info, 3 years ago I was in a relationship for maybe about less than a year. We always used condoms except for one time. We break up and fast forward 3 years I find out he wasn't faithful. Now I never asked for a STD testing when I went to the gyno, but if I did have something like Chalymdia would it show up in my Pap tests? I'm kind of worried because I read up on it and people don't usually have symptoms and if they do its a week or more after exposure. I did have an issue of having what I thought were frequent yeast infections but my Gyno it was an allergy to something I was using. Now would she of said to get tested for an STD if I was having those symptoms? And after I left the guy I haven't had any problems down there. And currently I haven't been sexually active at all for the past 3 years.

Another thing, I read that to cure Chalymdia doctors prescribed azythromithan (sp?) And I've been on it twice in the past 3 years for throat/sinus infections, so if I did have Chalymdia would be cured from taking that antibotic for something else?

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