misssockpuppet (misssockpuppet) wrote in vaginapagina,

uterine polyp/hysteroscopy/surgery

so i have suspected polyps, am getting an outpatient hysteroscopy, and will need inpatient surgery if they are there.
wonderful part about all of this? my boyfriend says if i need surgery and he's working or has a show with his band, he cant be there. maybe that's making all of this alot worse, but i'm so scared about this

basically first, how bad is a hysteroscopy? the gyno said i have a teeny tiny uterus, and i read it hurts for women with small uterus..es? uteri? anyway, what should i expect? any cat scans/ultrasounds before or after? (i hate catscans, so i was just worried)
next, if anyone has gotten surgery for removal, what was it like?

i'm only 19 and feel so young for all of this. but maybe it'll fix me. i am just scared. so scared. it's all i'm thinking about and wont even happen until june. i just need some reassurance i'll be okay.
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