Accidents Made Beautiful After the Fact (calmunderthewav) wrote in vaginapagina,
Accidents Made Beautiful After the Fact

Missed 2 Yaz pills in a row

Hey everyone.... I checked the memories but couldn't find anything specific to my inquiry. Basically I missed 2 pills in a row, I take Yaz. I missed the Saturday of week 3 and the Sunday of week 4. I'm a "Sunday start" and the packet told me if I miss 2 pills to continue taking one pill a day until the Sunday of the 4th week, and start my new pack then. My question is, do I take the pills on their normal days or do I start with my missed pills (meaning I'd be taking Sunday's pill today) and continue on until the following Sunday? I've never missed more than a day before so I'm totally confused.

Thanks in advance!

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