twenty6colors (twenty6colors) wrote in vaginapagina,

Swollen & sore clitoris - Help, I need relief!

I'm going to preface this by saying I went to the gyno last night (actually left work for an emergencg visit) and the visit was inconclusive. Here's what's up:

It's been going on a few days, starting as just some increased sensitivity (enough to raise questions, but not extreme - just a bit unusual), and getting progressively worse. By late yesterday afternoon it was painful to sit, stand, walk, etc and my clitoris was swollen and that red/pink/purple-ish hue - sore to touch.

Soooo went to doc cuz I was pretty freaked out.

She said (and contacted the center's medical director for a second opinion) that it appears swollen/discolored due to over-stimulation, etc, but not enough to warrant emergency care or anything extreme. She did everything she could think of as far as testing goes, etc - no yeasties, no utis, no stis (i have not been active for quite some time and was tested the last time it was of any relevence), etc etc.. nothing abnormal in terms of infection/other symptoms (there are no other symptoms). When I say I'm not active, I mean I'm not active at all :P There has been no stimulation of any sort, mine or anyone elses, and certainly not "over-stimulation". Also not athletic - no biking, no freak accidents...

She and the M.D. agreed there must be some environmental variable (we went through the new soap/clothes/undies questions also - no changes) that's not obvious and suggested witch hazel, ice, and returning if it worsens.

Problem: I'm a busy student w/a full-time job. I'm out ALL DAY (I'm posting from my phone in a campus bathroom lol). I can't sit around with ice and w.h. soaks until bedtime (late). Is there something topical I can use for relief on the go? A cream or something?

I'm so uncomfortable!!

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