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Contraceptive jab?! Sorry for being clueless, in advance!

Hey all,

I'm moving to New Zealand for 1 year on 31st May and for the first month or so I'm there I don't want to have to deal with my period partly because I'll be meeting my boyfriend's parents for the first time, we'll be going out and about because he wants to show me around, I'll want to settle in. You know what it's like, I have particularly bad period pain too so it does get me down when I'm on. I wouldn't worry if I had light or painless periods but alas I don't.

My question is, I've heard the contraceptive jab, is it depo provera or something? Makes it so you don't have your period for 3 months while being protected. I'm not currently on any birth control. If this is true, I would like to go get the jab done end of April, so it gives me May/June/July with no period. My other question is, if I'm planning on going to the doctor to get this at what point in my cycle do I need to go? I'm currently due my period sometime this week, I know when you first start the pill it has to be first taken on the day you start your period. Is it the same for the jab? Or can I go and get it done anytime?

I was thinking about going next week because I have something else I need to see my doctor about.

I'm sorry if this seems obvious or I seem clueless, I'm also sorry I didn't use google but I find the answers here are a lot better due to experience/general knowledge!

Thank you so so much!

{I should note, after the jab runs out, I'd go see a NZ doctor about getting the pill. I only stopped taking the pill in January for one reason or another. :) }
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