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Trouble with the minipill

I have major anxiety around doctors, but I finally dragged myself into Planned Parenthood about 2.5 months ago. I started on Levora, which was nice. I wanted to eat all chocolate in the world for about a week after starting it, but after that I had no side effects.
I am an EMT student, and have my blood pressure checked multiple times a week, and it's never shown itself to be elevated under normal circumstances. Because of my anxiety around doctors (bad past experiences) whenever I go in for appointments, they find my blood pressure to be elevated just enough that they don't want me to take a combined pill. She took me off the Levora and put me on Nor-QD, which thus far I despise. I planned on stacking to avoid a period on the Levora, but on the minipill I have periods and spotting randomly, which drives me crazy. She will not believe me that my blood pressure is normally not elevated, and therefore won't let me switch back to a combined pill. I'm also finding myself to be moodier than usual, which I'm assuming is from the extra hormones I'm munching.
Here's my question: What types of pill can be used with high blood pressure (since my doc won't take my word for it) that will also stop periods and hopefully not have side effects like crying over Hallmark cards and eating all the food in the kitchen? My cousin had a bad experience with Depo, so I'd like to avoid that. I also work with horses and I don't think the patch would stick reliably through all the mud and dirt. My doctor wasn't very helpful with thinking of ideas that would work for me; she just handed the minipill over and told me to go for it! Any suggestions on something that you think might work would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your help :)
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