colour_my_w0rld (colour_my_w0rld) wrote in vaginapagina,

acidophili for yeast infection

I have a very mild yeast infection. it doesn't hurt. it itches maybe a few times a day. it's pretty much in check, but i still have somewhat clumpy, milky vaginal discharge. I've had yeast infections before so I know that's what it is. I bought acidophilus capsules to insert into my vag in order to treat it, but I'm tentative about doing so because it's such a mild infection at this point.

since it's so mild, if i use the acidophilus capsules by inserting them into my vag, can i "overdose" per say and have too many acidophili in my vaginal environment?

if i take the acidophilus capsules orally instead, how will they affect me digestively?

ALSO: i took plan B on saturday. will the acidophilus capsules have any negative effect on how that is working?
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