Meredith (fleckerbug) wrote in vaginapagina,

itchy, itchy, itchy!

I think I have a yeast infection. Well, I'm very sure I have a yeast infection, but it's a little different than normal so I'm concerned. I'm on amoxicillin and after only 3 doses I developed a raging yeast infection. I don't usually get all the textbook symptoms when my YIs are due to antibiotics (which I get without fail when on an antibiotic); I usually just get the redness and itching, but that's it. This one is pretty much every symptom in the book, though. I usually get a 7-day prescription cream when I'm put on antibiotics, but I felt uncomfortable asking my dentist for this and figured I'd just call my PCP if necessary. I'm seeing her tomorrow for something unrelated, so I will have her address all my issues, but I'm wondering if this could be something else entirely?. The issue I'm having is I already started treating with some left over cream I had and It'd not doing anything. Usually this stuff gives me relief within seconds. It does expire this month, but I figured a matter of a few weeks wouldn't render it magically inert. Also, I fell sick yesterday-- I was doing fine since I started the antibiotics, but Sunday morning woke up feeling fluish (nauseous, achy, dry mouth, sore throat, no fever or headache). I don't know if it's related, but I'm concerned that if it is a YI, it could be worse because my immune system is obviously already working overtime? I'm also concerned that I might have an oral YI.. my throat is sore due to some serious post nasal drip, but my mouth, throat, nasal mucosa and inner ears itch like crazy. I've had oral thrush once before and it wasn't like this (my tongue was really sore and felt like it was on fire).

Oh, I also recently started using Pre-seed lubrication (just twice so far), but it doesn't have any of the usual substances that irritate me in it and I also only used it externally. I'm also 8 years monogamous and I just had a clear PAP 3 weeks ago. I'm also currently on a lot of meds-- levothyroxine, metformin, prenavite(prenatal), amoxicillin, motrin, norco, and valium twice this week for dental work. Oh, and I had a root canal last week.


*Edited* to change 'clean PAP' to 'clear PAP'. I'm sorry if I upset or offended anybody.
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