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How to stay healthy?

This post is part rant (at my body, for letting me down), and partly a request for advice. I apologise in advance if I run on a bit, I blame snot in the brain and a lack of adult conversation IRL.

I'm a 30 year old woman and in general I eat healthily, take no medication, breastfeed my 16 month old, exercise on 5 out of 7 days, sleep 9-10 hours a night, and don't really have any significant stressors in my life. I have had a Paraguard for over a year, though I don't think that's relevant.

Thing is, in the last few weeks I got a sniffly cold, then mastitis (which thankfully subsided on it's own, just lots and LOTS of nursing, hot baths and rest as proscribed by Dr Internet. It confused me because before then I'd had no problems with bf at all), then a throat infection (haven't eaten solids for the past week, everything scratchy leads to uncontrollable coughing) which I've soldiered through without anything but a lot of honey, lemon and herbal tea as I'm (overly?) cautious about anything untoward making it's way into my breastmilk.

This morning I woke up to find I could speak a whole sentence without coughing (yay!), but, out of the blue, insane itching in my vagina. After a gentle wash and a bit of neck-craning with a compact mirror I can only conclude from the ricotta discharge that I've most likely been blessed with my very first YI. (Thanks to this wonderful community I have plenty of ideas on what I can do for myself in this regard. Idly I wonder - was this due to the amount of honey I've been consuming? Hrmmmm.)

The cherry on top is I'm due to have my period tomorrow and am already having some pretty insistent cramps making themselves known. My period always knocks me down for 5-7 days, moreso now I'm limited to breastfeeding friendly painkillers, with associated cramps, headaches, backache, and diarrhea - but I've been getting better at carrying on with work and jogging anyway, albeit at a slower pace (and thanks the miracle that is stick-on heating pads!), rather than just curling up under the duvet.

What I wonder is, have I done this to myself?

Why is my body acting like it's run down?

Why is it one thing after another?

I've taken time off work (two weeks now). Drinking loads and making my own veggie soups in the blender and such. What else can I do to speed my overall return to good health and avoid a continued/future run of illness?
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