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My current boyfriend is only the 2nd man I have ever had sex with. We've been having a problem lately, and I don't know if it's him or me. My last boyfriend was not as well-endowed as my current boyfriend. To be blunt about it, he's huge. Also, he's not very sensitive, so sex with us normally averages between an hour to two hours. 

We always make sure I'm good and wet before we start. To make sure, we even use KY Intrigue along with what we've already got going on our own. For the most part, I enjoy it and love it. However, by the time we're done, it just gets SO painful. I end up staring at the ceiling zoning out thinking, 'OMG mind out of body experience try not to think about it.' My inner labia (which I think is the proper thing to call it, the fleshy little pads at your entrance) gets SO swollen and it stings to pee. It's almost like it's been rubbed raw/chaffed and a lot of times I even have little spots of blood when I wipe, which I think is just from the rawness of it. All the pain is on the outside. Once he's inside it doesn't really hurt, but if he happens to withdraw it completely, him pushing it back in is just excruciating. Sex most of the time is just me saying, eventually, "Please just stop. You can keep it in. Please don't take it out. It's going to hurt so bad when you take it out."

I don't know if there's something wrong with me or if it's just his size. =/ He has a very pronounced head and the girth is more than most. He has offered stop having sex with me when I'm done and it starts to hurt, but I often find myself hiding the pain until it's done because I want him to come, too. 

Part of me is thinking, hoping, and praying that maybe I just need to get used to his size and eventually it will go away. He was a virgin before me, and he has nothing to compare it to. I have been to a doctor who has always said maybe I have an infection, but I had a full STD test done and I had swabs done to make sure I didn't have a bacterial infection or a yeast infection. I don't have anything wrong with me on that front.

I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem? I tried to talk to my girlfriends about it, but they said they had no one of that size to compare it to . . and it's never been a problem. The phrases 'lucky beeotch' and 'quit bragging' have come up, but really, it's terribly painful. :( I often stay swollen and sore for a day or two after we make love, and I often have to turn him down just because the swelling is so bad. =/ We're moving in together on May 1st, and part of me just cringes to think about the increase in sex that will probably happen. I hate that, as much as I love my boyfriend and our sex life, I just anticipate pain when we're starting.  
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