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Ovulation/Menarche/Hormone Questions

Hi All,

I'm 23yrs old and I've never had a period before. When I was 18 I went to the Gyno and Endocrinologist and had tests done which showed I had a half empty pituary gland and I had a low level of oestrogen. As I result it was found I have osteoperosis and an underdeveloped uterus, I was given a HBC Monofeme to help with systems and stimulate hormone growth for the osteoperosis. I had a terrible experience on them and for  3 out of 4weeks I would experience heavy bleeding, my doctor was terrible and when I would complain about it and ask for an alternative treatment he basically told me to suck it up. So when I was around 21 I stopped taking the pill and didnt see a doctor about this again.

In the past 2yrs I think I've matured some what and started to realise that I may want to have kids someday so it probably would be best if I got this sorted out/had a better understanding of what this means. I went to a new GP 4wks ago and had some blood tests to check my hormone levels. The results showed I was basically in pre menopause hormone levels. I got a referal to a new endocrinologist but I haven't been yet.

Last wednesday when I went to the bathroom I noticed a sticky white discharge, I've only ever had this happen when I was on the pill and like the bleeding it was 3 out 4 weeks. I thought I might have had a yeast infection somehow and I did a course of treatment however it hasn't stopped. I did a bit of a google yesterday and my symptons didnt really match yeast infection, no itching and the discharge isn't like its described.

When I woke up this morning there was a larger amount of clear white discharge and today I'm experiencing some cramping and I haven't felt like this since I was on the pill and having the bleeding. I know you cant trust everything you read on the internet but I've been doing some research and it sounds similar to ovulation or a start of getting the period.

I'm just wondering if I could be starting to ovulate now? And if anyone else here has experienced similar hormone issues and then went on to start menstrating?
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