hope1517 (hope1517) wrote in vaginapagina,

Periods After Plan B Regard!

Hello Everyone!

I have a question regarding Plan B. I took it in mid Feb (right around when I ovulated) and I got me next period on March 6th (which was my 21st birthday...haha!) but I was happy! When it came it was about 2-3 days earlier than I usually get mine which is fine. But now its April 10th and I still haven't gotten a second period...its been 36 days since the Plan B period. My cycles are usually 30-32 days so this is a bit late for me. Should I be concerned? I had sex once this month but it was protected (I dont take BC though!)

Has anyone experienced a late period AFTER the period that resulted from Plan B? Because the period right after Plan B was extremely normal for me. The flow, color and cramps were pretty normal with my regular months. I'm also pretty regular aside from a few flukey ones I've had over the years like two in one month, or a couple days late. And I sometimes get PMS depending on the month, but right now I only have swollen breasts and there a little sore...which is normal for me. But those symptoms started a little bit later than usual. I'm not sure when I ovulated this month. :/

Will my periods go back to their normal cycle or should I be concerned?
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