Jackie (dark_deity) wrote in vaginapagina,

Abnormal bleeding

Thank you to everyone who gave me reassurance with my previous worry.

Now I have a new one. It's been 3 weeks since sex and I had it recently. I've started bleeding a tiny tiny bit for since yesterday. It's a bit more today and it's not apart of my period (although it is due in a few days). It smells like blood (metalic scent) and is a bit watery with yellow color too. It's like red strings of blood, not a lot. I do have some slight itching.

8months ago when I first had sex, I did have cervical erosion and thought it might reoccured with rough sex. Or I have chylamidia or ghonnerea. (I apologize for my spelling... My iPhone is not correcting me...). I am planning a visit to my doctor this Monday.

Any thoughts?
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