misssockpuppet (misssockpuppet) wrote in vaginapagina,

uterine polyps?

so, i just came back from the gyno, and they said that my old ultrasound signaled an abnormality in my uterine lining, and it could mean a uterine polyp, so they'd go through with a hysteroscopy if i'd like.
well, i'm kind of really happy about this, because it could answer alot.
i have extremely heavy periods, which is because of a bleeding disorder, but they got better for a few years on birth control, but late last year i started seasonique, and the increase in estrogen was a no-go. i stacked two pakcs (6 months) and it caused me to bleed straight for those last 3 months. i am now on levora that has stopped the breakthrough bleeding, but i still have a heavy period and have had a "yeast infection" that has been resistant to all meds, but my gyno is confused as to why the BC would cause a yi, because it is the same amt of hormones, and the same hormones. so now im wondering, the BV i had...the yeast discharge...could it be leukorrhea? because i know that's a sign of a uterine polyp as well. she said she doesnt know if it is a polyp or not. other than my uterine lining was a little disfigured, which could mean its growing around something. hence the hysteroscopy.
so i'm actually feeling better because a uterine polyp could explain everything, but i have to wait till june for my hysteroscopy.

my main problem right now is my mother. she's had period problems her whole life, and got a hysterectomy 7 or so years ago. but she keeps saying "you're jumping to conclusions, stolp looking it up online. i had all of that and didnt have a polyp." she basically thinks if it didnt happen to her, it cant happen at all. and always has to play the sick-game with me. and i hate it. how can i get across to her that i actually just want this answered? i've been continuously ill and removing this might actually make my life alot easier. i just need some advice/info about this, anything related will help! thanks so much <3
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