notknowhow (notknowhow) wrote in vaginapagina,

My Clitoris Hurts!

Hi everyone!

Here are the facts as I know them:

1) I am a 20 year old, mostly healthy otherwise, hetero-sex-active
2) about 5 weeks ago I got my clitoral hood pierced, NO complications, doesn't look infected/irritated
3) I usually consume 1/2 litre of water per hour during the work day (only know this cause i get up on the hour to refill)
4) likewise I go pee almost every hour during the work day (at the same time as refilling the water bottle)

1) peed the bed. Literally. Woke up and she was flowing. This is the first time this has ever happened. It wasn't even a lot of pee. puddle was so tiny that it took five minutes to clean up, didn't even soak through my mattress protector.
2) i'm peeing ever half hour, even though i've consciously decreased my water intake, and didn't have any caffeine today.
3) beginning about 3 hours ago, every time I go pee, right at the last moment, i get a very painful pressure-like pain in my clitoris, right to the root of it. I payed attention and the pain is not it the hood, or in the urethra, but it feels like i'm purple-nurpleing my actual clit.

I don't have any pain in urinating aside from this, no burning, and i have no pain in my 'bladder' area.

Any ideas what I might be dealing with!? Thinking a doctors appointment is due in the next 24 hours, but i really don't wanna wake up to a wet bed again tomorrow morning...
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