anamcr (anamcr) wrote in vaginapagina,

brown/old blood discharge?

So for a month now I have started running/jogging from 2 to 3 miles a day (maybe take 1 or 2  days off the week) but Ive always worked out/walked for like a year, it's just the running now. I finished my period almost 2 weeks ago and starting yesterday i started to get a 'brown' discharge which also consists of dry blood (just like when you're almost finished with your period.)

There was a post before but i really need to know what it is. Could it be pregnancy? I had a pregnancy scare 2 weeks before my period but then i got my period the exact date i was suppoused to and now 2 weeks later this...

I found a picture on the internet that looks like it just now. And its about pregnancy :(

Click for graphic/might-be-gross picture.

Please help. Thank you!
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